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Effective Floor Marking in Warehouses

When it comes to workplace safety and organization, warehouses often get lumped in with manufacturing facilities. From an outside perspective, they can seem quite similar, but there are a lot of important differences that need to be taken into account. This is true in almost all areas, but especially with floor markings. If you are planning a floor marking strategy for your warehouse, make sure that you follow the standards that are in place for warehouses specifically. These can come from a variety of sources including OSHA, industry best practices, and more. This article will give a general overview of the different things that need to be considered when making a plan for floor markings in a warehouse. Where to Use Floor Markings It is easy to come up with a huge list of different places where your facility could benefit from floor markings. If you attempt to use this type of marking in every possible situation, however, it will become counterproductive. Having to many floor markings causes confusion and actually makes it more difficult to understand the meanings of each type of marking. This is even true if you use different colors and designs to try to set things apart. Because of this it is better to focus on coming up with an efficient use of floor markings in the facility. Some specific areas that often benefit most from this type of marking can include: Traffic Areas – Using floor markings to guide the drivers of indoor vehicles like forklifts is a great way to improve safety. These markings will benefit both the drivers of these vehicles and pedestrians in the same area. Evacuation Paths – Using floor markings to guide people out of the facility during an emergency is one of the best ways that they can be used. Organization Markings – Floor markings are a great option for keeping things organized. Marking off specific areas for specific uses will help reduce clutter and other problems. Aisles – Marking off aisleways is very important for identifying where people can walk, where vehicles can travel, and even where items being stored can stick out. Of course, there are many other places where floor markings can be used. Finding the right opportunities for your facility will help you to come up with an efficient and effective use of floor markings. Knowing your options will help you to follow the floor…

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Floor Marking Tapes and Shapes

Floor marking tapes have got a greater commercial importance these days and thus they are mostly utilized at varied industrial units where different industrial tasks are getting done throughout 24 hours. Why to use marking tapes for floors? Floor marking is one of the major purposes for which floor-marking tapes are getting used. Factory floors can be highly protected as all kinds of industrial tools or equipment can be kept at the marked place so that they can be easily noticed. This is how accidental damages can be avoided with ease. To be more precise, designated zones can be marked and recognized conveniently with these tapes. Factory and warehouse workers can recognize different zones by seeing marking tapes of different colours. In fact, danger zones can also be clearly marked with these tapes so that people can understand where to move and where not. Even if any visitors are coming into the premises then also they can remain aware. The areas where wastes or debris are gathered need to be highlighted so that people can keep sae distances from the same. Moreover, the cleaning process can also be smoothly conducted without any kind of hassles. Traffic regulation at highways can be efficiently regulated by means of using these tapes. Heavy trafficking is quite unmanageable at times but these tapes have made possible to manage the same. Free or extra spaces can be surely created within industrial units especially factory, warehouses and others. This is quite beneficial for the employees working there as unnecessary clutter can be avoided along with the maintenance of a systematic format. Steps for installing marking tapes for floors A chalk-made guidance line needs to be created so that a completely straight line can be maintained. This line can also be termed as laser line and this is nothing but the boundary creation. The tape needs to be placed over the marked areas and this installation can be properly done only by hands. You just need to stick the tape over the targeted areas. The excessive tape can be cut by using scissor or sharp razor and this activity is needed for creating clear impressions. Created guidance line should be accurately maintained while applying the tape on floors otherwise your purposes will not be served well. The tape surfaces are to be pressed with hands for getting assurance that whether the application has been made correctly or not. For additional pressure,…

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