Floor Marking Tape

The Impact of Floor Tape on Efficiency in the Workplace

From guiding workers through the site to organizing the layout in a warehouse, floor tape makes a huge difference in the everyday running of a business. By maximizing efficiency in a workplace as well as improving health and safety measures by aligning with requirements from OSHA, the low-cost and easy-to-implement method can have a significant impact. There is not a one size fits all solution and different businesses use different kinds of Smart Stripe Tape based on the needs of their operations. Because of this, the flexibility of floor tape makes it a versatile solution that can be adapted to individual circumstances without needing to implement significant changes.

To get the best results, it’s important to use floor tape correctly, using durable high-quality tape in areas with a large footfall and thoroughly cleaning the floor before application. Once applied, all employees should be informed of the new system and what each color means, ensuring everyone on site is on the same page. By providing clear guidelines, everyone can follow the floor tape in a way that maximizes efficiency, bringing the following results:

Improves visual communication

The addition of floor tapes creates visual cues which create obvious paths for employees (and visitors) to follow. By guiding people through the site in the most logical way, tasks can be carried out quicker than before and any unnecessary interruptions can be reduced. Many sites use different colored floor tape for both pedestrian walkways and traffic, ensuring the risk of accidents is minimized by keeping employees away from moving vehicles such as forklifts and trucks.

Minimizes the risk of accidents

By marking off any hazardous areas with floor tape, employees can quickly and easily identify these and avoid any confusion as they move around the site. This simple addition can help to minimize the risk of workplace accidents by alerting employees of any potential dangers or cordoning off certain areas completely.

Organizes workplace storage

By marking off areas used to store specific tools, equipment, materials, or stock, a business can ensure that a logical system is in place which helps keep their site organized. By assigning everything to a place, employees can correctly store goods in the correct place and also know where to find things, avoiding confusing mix-ups. Using floor tape to structure the storage system is a low-cost alternative to structural work and can be updated as and when needed, keeping up with business demand while avoiding interruptions.

Maintains employee focus

A more organized and visually appealing workplace is proven to boost employee morale and engagement as workers can carry out their roles without having to deal with clutter, lost equipment, and workplace hazards. The psychological impact of a visually stimulating work environment on employees can improve focus and overall job satisfaction of employees, reducing staff turnover and creating a more engaged team.

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